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Let RoomSeeker™ change how your business operates

RoomSeeker™ is remarkably flexible and easy to ingrate into your business offering. Whether you need a secure payment system or want to boost your website with online bookings, RoomSeeker™ has the functionalities for your business.

Secure Payments

Payments are safe and effortless with RoomSeeker’s secure Nomad credit card functionality. As an extra security measure, 3D Secure can also be applied to online payments. Trusted technologies add layers of protection to protect your business and ensure a payment process is both reliable and secure.

Why security counts

  • Build trust. Trust is everything in eCommerce. Protect your business with proper payment security and give you and your customers peace of mind.
  • Stay safe. New risks emerge as the digital world grows. Nomad continuously identifies new threats and implements preventative measures accordingly.
  • Customer satisfaction. 3D Secure enhances the security of online transactions. This increases customer confidence and boost your sales.
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Web Services

Does your existing website require sophisticated booking functionality? The RoomSeeker™ reservations engine can easily be integrated into your site via our Service-oriented architecture (SOA). Discover how our specialised software aligns technology with your business goals.

Why does RoomSeeker™ take your website to the next level?

  • Efficient integration. SOA speeds up the process of implementation without having to perform deep integration.
  • RoomSeeker™ is reliable. You don’t need outages or slow loading times. SOA services are easy to maintain and test, making them more reliable.
  • Adaptable. Our reservations engine is well established and maintained, yet remains flexible to meet the changing needs of your business.
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